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Live, work, and play within your community.

If we want to see people with disabilities be more successful in community outcomes,
we must start with a shift in perspective and consider the power and potency of relationships.
About communityworks, inc.

communityworks, inc.

Started in 1991, communityworks, inc., began as the leading home health agency in Kansas specializing in disability advocacy case management, and consulting – each with a strong emphasis on community.

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Why communityworks

As individuals look to adapt, and remake their way of life, communityworks remakes the way rehabilitation is viewed and carried through. Our unique model has proven successful since 1991.

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Independent Living

The Independent Living (IL) philosophy is very different from the traditional rehabilitation model. The goals for individuals with disabilities are empowerment and self-determination. The goals for communities are achieving equal access through reducing and removing barriers.

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Social Capital

Social capital is the network of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. The communityworks model places a strong emphasis on social capital, because of the plentiful benefits it can provide.

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communityworks, inc. was created with the belief that people of all abilities cannot only reside within, but be an active part of, their community. We provide advocacy, training, and consulting to any individual or organization who wishes to promote independent living.

communityworks, inc.:

  • Develops systems to promote and establish rehabilitation and care from within the community.
  • Is the go-to resource for any administrator, therapist, policymaker, family member, or individual who seeks improvement through community based service.
  • Can assist in developing and facilitating advocacy programs to make sure that all have a voice in the life they want to lead.
  • Offers dynamic training opportunities, including Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) and continuing education for numerous disciplines surrounding topics that commonly co-occur with a brain injury.

Regardless of the challenges being faced, it is possible for individuals to live in their own home and lead a fulfilling life. Working in collaboration with individuals, communityworks’ professional team develops support systems that help people work, live, and play within their community.

“If we want to see people with disabilities be more successful in community outcomes,
we must start with a shift in perspective and consider the power and potency of relationships.”

Advocacy Experience

communityworks, inc. empowers people who want to start their own advocacy and support groups in their area.

CBIS Training

Let our certified professional team train members of your organization to be certified brain injury specialists.

Professional Speakers

Engage one of our speakers for your next meeting.

Services Offered

We have worked with thousands of people with brain injuries. Let our experience, combined with the curriculum of the Brain Injury Association,
teach your team how to understand brain injury in the most informative CBIS training in the country!

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“I’ve learned more from you than all the books I’ve read on TBIs.”

Eduardo Campoamo

Assistant Executive Director and Dean, Wayland Baptist University


“You bring humor into this…humor is important to recovery.”

Pamela K. Sprout

Owner, Employ Ability in Anchorage, Alaska

“And thank you again for that wonderful training! It has radically changed the way we do advocacy and generated wonderful conversations around trauma injuries.” Chelsea Ren Morton

Director of Employment Services, Willow Domestic Violence Center

Our Speakers

We always rise to the occasion to educate groups about how we can support our neighbors in our community.


Janet Williams, PhD

Founder & CEO

Steve Smith

Transitional Living Specialist

Erica Bates

Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer

Kevin Wadsworth

Transitional Living Specialist

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